I identify as a womxn, as trans and/or as non-binary and I feel uncomfortable about the way you do [this] and [that] at Self-ish, what can I do about that?

Call us in, let us know! You can let us know at an event, by contacting us or by filling out our anonymous feedback form.

What does the term trans stand for?

Trans in the large sense of the term, hence anyone who doesn’t identify as cisgender.

Cis-what? Cisgender is a term used to describe people who ascribe to the gender norms associated with the sex they were assigned at birth.

People who don’t identify as cisgender identify as a number of things: agender, genderqueer, non-binary, genderfluid… The Genderbread Person is a handy little graph meant to illustrate the difference between gender identity, expression, biological sex and sexuality.


Also here’s a little a video by Marina Watanabe about the differences between sex and gender.

I am a dude, can I come?

Yes of course.

I am a dude, can I come and complain about how I am not included in this open mic?


I am a dude, can I corner you and make you feel responsible for answering all my questions about gender, trans issues, and feminism in a way that doesn’t make me feel guilty about being a cis man in a patriarchal society?


But, but… didn’t you create this open mic to educate people like me?

Actually no.

Then whyyyy?

I created Self-ish so that women and trans identified folk could have a safe-r place to express themselves considering we live in a patriarchal, sexist and gender normative society.

Wait, what? But why would they feel unsafe? Give me concrete examples…

Because women and trans* folk are more likely to be talked down to, silenced, sexually harassed, asked intrusive questions, and otherwise not respected as the fully fledged human beings that they are (crazy right?).

We are also taught that what we have to say is not as important as someone who is male, cisgender, white, straight, etc…

Lastly it can feel triggering to listen to other people’s prose/poetry/stand-up when it reinforces harmful misogynistic, transphobic, and gender normative stereotypes in a traditional open mic setting.

Ah. Ok. But [insert question here] and [insert other question here]?

That’s what the internet is here for.

Ok, then can you at least point me to some websites where I could find answers?

Of course!

In English everydayfeminism.com is a very good resource as well as Feminism 101 – Basic tips for dudes by Shakesville.

In French madmoizelle.com is great as are the videos of Marion Seclin.

Omg thank you grrl!

Yar welcome.